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We will inform you regarding your legal situation and your options for settlement, law suit or defense.

Seminars and training

Seminars and training sessions are offered by our partners in their respective fields of expertise, such as CSST, estates and corporate law.

About Us

Our firm was founded in August 2009 by two lawyers already working together and wishing to practice their profession in a value-based environment.This association was conceived with great care in order to quickly and efficiently answer our clients’ needs in various fields of law. Our proactive, innovative and meticulous associates are willing to go the extra mile to achieve the desired results and provide you with all the necessary information. Our services are varied, complete and personalized. We focus on achieving results, while providing you with an accurate overview of possible solutions. We are more than just legal advisors!

Our Lawyers

Me Mark Savard

Me Mark Savard has been practicing law since 1996 and is also holder of a Bachelor's degree in business administration.

Me Savard continues his private law practice in the Centre legal Fleury general partnership since 2009. The representation of private and business customers lead him to plead before civil courts, administrative and criminal, both at first instance and on appeal.

As a law advisor and negotiator, he is regularly called to provide independent legal advice, to assist clients and advise them in mediation, and in their strategy for settlements.

Me Savard currently represents a victim of fraud, an estate sued for hidden defects, insurance claims and other common legal situations.

Me Savard has solid experience which allows him to assert your rights or defend yourself facing legal situations that concern you, at an affordable rate, and without compromise on quality.

Me Karine Joseph

Originally from the north shore of Montreal, Me Joseph decided to offer her services to members of her community and settled in the region.

A law graduate of the University of Montreal and The Bar of Montreal, Me Joseph has been practicing for several years and has acquired an exclusive experience and unique expertise in various areas of the law. She was also pleaded to deepen several topics, which she has an excellent knowledge of today.

After being a decision maker for the CSST at the direction of the Administrative Review, she was employed in private practice offices, in the greater Montréal and Abitibi-Témiscamingue regions.

She is also a lecturer on health and safety at work (Santé et Sécurité du Travail CSST) in companies of all areas. She acts as a trainer in funding and prevention. She is also an advisor and manager for companies, providing them with a unique expertise for their problems in CSST.

Her particular skills in law revolve mainly around family law, health and safety at work law (CSST).

Her clientele ranges from business people, to unions and to individuals. She invests heavily in her practice and is customer driven.

Me Marc St-Louis

Me Marc St-Louis has been practicing law since 1993.

In 2013 he was awarded the Linda Guillemette handed by le Barreau de Laval to the lawyer being more involved as volunteers in the community.

Mr. St-Louis has acquired a solid expertise in family law and civil litigation. His philosophy of making justice accessible to the greatest number is echoed in the principles of the new Code of Civil Procedure of Quebec: Promote alternative dispute resolution procedure and make it propotional to the nature and complexity ofthe files entrusted to him.

Me Marc St-Louis

Me Cansu Dilan Isik

Me Cansu Dilan Isik joined the team in May 2015 as an intern. She holds a law degree from the University of Sherbrooke and is also a member of the Barreau du Québec.

Me Isik specializes in civil law, labor law and bankruptcy law and contracts. As such, she is called to represent the firm's clients before various courts.

Native of Turkey, Me Isik is fluent in Turkish.

Our Team

Nicole Fauteux

Accounts receivable/ accounts payable

Maryse Nadeau


Available Services

Management and Administration – Business Services

We can provide you with information about your rights and the options that are available to you, concerning litigious or non-litigious issues. Providing detailed information on the options that are available to you will help you make informed decisions that are better suited to your personal situation.

Information and Advice

Civil courts (Superior Court, Court of Quebec, etc.)
Administrative Courts (CLP, TAQ, RTC, etc.)
City Courts (Municipal Court)
Court of Appeal
Legal Opinions
Estate Settlement
Hidden Defects

Seminars and Training

Seminars and training sessions are offered by our partners in their respective fields of expertise. These include: CSST, Corporate and Alimony. For individuals and businesses.