Civil Law

civil law attorney

Civil Law defines the relationship between individuals or businesses. All sorts of situations can be settled by a Civil Law attorney and examples such as contract disputes, personal injury, accidents or even neighborhood disturbance.

A Civil lawyer will represent a client in civil court, write formal notices and negotiate between the parties involved in order to help resolve situations in the best possible way.

Civil Law covers many areas and can help in many multiple situations. Here are a few examples:

  • neighbourhood disturbance
  • malpractice allegations
  • contractual disputes
  • slandering of your reputation, privacy breach
  • personal injury or accidents
  • collection of unpaid bills

A Civil Law attorney will take charge and cover all aspects of your situation by analyzing and proposing a strategy that best suits your needs, and that will allow you to resolve your conflict in the best possible way.


With the death of a loved one, many are faced with the question of inheritance. Whether you need help with verifying the will, identifying the heirs, paying off debt or sharing an inheritance, a Family Law attorney will have answers for all your questions or concerns and support you throughout the process. A Family Law attorney can also help draw up your own will and define your inheritance.

Insurance Law

Insurance law

Life is full of surprises and though we always hope for the best, we must insure ourselves for possible accidents, fire or even theft. You most likely also have life insurance and perhaps even take out travel insurance when you leave the country. In some instances, claiming insurance can be a difficult and frustrating process. This is when an Insurance lawyer becomes an important asset. The Insurance lawyer can intervene in all types of insurance-related scenarios including life insurance, health, accidents, collecting rent, travel, home and automobile.

Here is an example of services offered by an Insurance lawyer :

  • Insurance contract analysis and interpretation
  • drawing-up insurance contracts
  • claims and disputes
  • Alternative conflict resolution methods
  • case studies
  • legal proceedings
  • Insurance case file management

An Insurance lawyer can answer your questions and shed some light on your rights and your particular situation. You can then work together in order to elaborate a plan that will allow you to resolve whatever your needs may be, in the most favorable way.

The Centre Legal Fleury unites two lawyers in Montreal who will provide legal advice in the civil law matters, such as inheritance or insurance. The office also has a labor law attorney providing expertise in the field of safety at work.